What is a dermatologist?

A Dermatologist is a medical doctor that specializes in the diagnosing and treating your skin, hair, nails, the wet areas of the mouth.  It is a specialty with both medical and surgical aspects.

Cosmetic dermatologists are dermatologists who have sought additional training to assess and treat skin conditions cosmetically. Their skill sets may include such procedures as Botox injections, wrinkle fillers, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, microneedling, skin resurfacing and more.

Huntington Dermatology and Cosmetic our dermatologists are also highly trained in cosmetic treatments as well as Mohs surgery for skin cancer.

Our dermatology consultations include but are not limited to:

Acne is a common condition caused by inflamed sebaceous glands, and can present with blackheads, pimples, cysts, infected abscesses, and/or scarring.

Aging Skin is characterized by wrinkles, loss of muscle tone, and sun damage (such as sun spots, liver spots, or wrinkles), typically on the face, hands, or chest.

Contact Dermatitis or Eczema  is one of the most common skin diseases in the world, and is characterized by redness, inflammation, scaliness, and itching. Atopic dermatitis is a form of eczema associated with allergies and skin sensitivities.

Hair loss is also known as alopecia includes many forms of hair loss, including female and male pattern hair loss, hair loss due to medications, stress, or other underlying medical conditions.

Keloid, excessive scar formation resulting from injury or surgery, can affect anyone, but is more commonly seen in people of color.

Melasma and dark spots are pigment disorders which present as darker, brown patches on the forehead, temple and cheeks, and upper lip.

Nail Disease includes a range of fungus, psoriasis, brittle nails, and pigmented streaks on the nails.

Psoriasis is a genetic autoimmune disease that presents with itchy, inflamed, and red patches.

Rosacea is a form of adult acne (sometimes related to sun damage) that can either present as redness in the central face, pustules near the nose and central cheeks, or near and on the eyelids.

Skin cancers and melanomas are diagnosed and treated.

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